Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Fan Attacked By Chris Brown's Bodyguard?! Wanted Photo For His Son
Is Chris Brown's camp following in Brown's footsteps or is this where his outburst came from with the alleged assault against pop singer Rihanna, ...

Lil Mama Says She'd 'Definitely' Work With Chris Brown Again
"[I was] very surprised because there were allegations of Chris Brown and Rihanna having a fight and everyone just went crazy - the media, his fans, ...

*As previously reported, a rep for producer Polow Da Don denied recent reports that Chris Brown and Rihanna were recording a new song together as part of ...

The CrackBerry Chronicles: Luck o' the Irish Edition
If Willie Brown insists on biting my style, then he needs to do it right. If Willie Brown writes about a party in his column but doesn't post any pictures ...

Plea Deal in the Works for Chris Brown?
GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Pop star Rihanna may have taken Chris Brown back, but the rapper's troubles are just beginning. Brown still faces charges ...

Chris Brown calls his alleged attack on Rihanna a mere lovers' tiff
London, Mar 16 : Singer Chris Brown is bent on proving that he has not committed a major crime by allegedly attacking Rihanna, for he reportedly says that it was a mere 'lovers' tiff'.

LIL MAMA WOULD WORK WITH CHRIS BROWN AGAIN: Rapper surprised more at media response to Rihanna attack than actual ...
*In a sit down with MTV, rapper Lil Mama says she would work with Chris Brown again in a heartbeat, despite allegations that he roughed up his girlfriend Rihanna.

Rihanna ashamed of Brown
Rihanna is too ashamed to be seen in public with Chris Brown. The Umbrella singer is said to be concerned at the reaction she will get if she officially confirms she has rekindled her romance with

Rihanna 'ashamed' of Chris
Rihanna is reportedly worried of confirming she has reunited with boyfriend Chris Brown - who is accused of assaulting her last month - because she is concerned about her fans' reactions.

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